Core technology

A subsidiary of the Coretronic group, Coretronic intelligent robotics corporation (CIRC) provides advanced technologies including computer vision, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, VIO/SLAM, flight control system and motion control. We use these technologies, combined with Coretronic’s core engineering optical, micro-mechanical, thermal and power management competencies to provide commercial intelligent robotic solutions.
We offer original design manufacturing (ODM) and joint design manufacturing services that include system specification design, software design, manufacturing, validation and after sales support and service.

Flight control
The CIRC Flight control system ensures safe, stable and precise control of aircraft

Artificial Intelligence
Proprietary CIRC On-board edge AI learning (OEL) enable CIRC systems to identify, recognise and track objects, people and vehicles in real time

Visual-inertial odometry / Simultaneous localization and mapping

Flight control system (FCS)

The flight control system is a core component of the CIRC drone systems. The hardware module features closed source flight control, multiple redundant systems an embedded flight recorder and can be configured to suit many different aircraft.

  • Safety
  • Customisation
  • Optimisation

Artificial Intelligence

CIRC AI systems are powered by NVIDIA’s TX1 embedded high speed calculation platform. Proprietary CIRC On edge learning (OEL) puts the power for our systems to identify, recognise and track objects, people and vehicles in real time right on the drone without relying on cloud-based analysis. Data sets and deep learning techniques can be customised depending on the application.


AI processing

Deep learning





In the event of GPS signal loss CIRC VIO/SLAM (Visual-inertial odometry/simultaneous localization and mapping) technology can compute the intended flight path using data from the camera and the Intertial measurement unit (IMU) to complete the mission and return to base.

  • Image scanning
  • Real-time positioning
  • Smart navigation
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