A: Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corporation was established on Jan, 2018. Coretronic Group has been actively diversifying its business and set up CIRC for unmanned aerial vehicle and robotics business.

A: CIRC drones focus on industrial application, and can work fully autonomously(auto take off, landing, charging). While current drone company targets at consumers market, and can’t fly without an operator. CIRC industrial drone approved with windproof 6(11-12 m/s), IP54 protection, CIRC drones are highly weather resistant, which are hard to achieve by other competitors.

A: Average flight time is30 minutes. Distance varies depends on speeds and weather conditions (AVG).

A: The drone will return to home automatically (Return to Launch; RTL). The drone would analyze if the battery is enough for next route. If not, the drone will return to home instantly by itself.

A: About 45 mins and with the 80% of battery. If the execution time of next mission is short, drones could be activated above 50% of battery.The current battery life is 200 cycles. Battery life means efficiency below 80%. Check the battery cycle in our Fleet Management System(FMS) interface.

A: Drone use 4G LTE & 2.4G for communication.Maximum of 4-5km with 2.4G communication module; distance differs due to signal condition of 4G LTE.

A: With failsafe design (Motor redundancy, return to home when disconnection and low battery, back to Emergency Landing Zone(ELZ) when radar, PMS, IR Locker, Camera, magnetometer, or manometer is broken.

A: The nest has already passed the reliability tests for more than 10 thousand times.

A: Security patrol, industrial inspection, construction mapping, and disaster management.

A: In Taiwan, there is only CIRC solution is mature and with actual applications. In overseas, we have partners in US, Japan, and have cooperation relationship with firms listed in Fortune 500 for large sites monitoring and data collecting.

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