3D SLAM AMR Total Solutions Provider

We’re providing total solution on transferring for logistics and industries with autonomous mobile forklift and the robot. Moreover, our 3D SLAM solution could be used in both out-/indoor and suitable for uneven ground.

Autonomous transferring

High efficient dispatching
High accuracy of automatic navigation

Safe and Reliable

Collision avoidance system
360° Safety protection

AI Pallet Detection

Automatic dimension Multiple goods
Multiple pallets of detection
Automatic stacking without rack

Autonomous Mobile Forklift

Autonomous Mobile Forklift

CIRC’s exclusive sensing algorithm and IMU data feed has effectively resolved the issue of distancing errors for extended travel with an unprecedented precision of ±1cm. This solution makes it possible to achieve precise positioning of the vehicle over long distances or uneven terrain.
In addition, the unique AI pallet detection feature can automatically locate and efficiently retrieve targeted goods using optimal routes, like a professional forklift operator, by using a 3D depth-sensing camera to capture pallet characteristics for shape recognition and spatial coordinates to achieve automatic adjustment of fork depth.

  • Navigation method:3D SLAM
  • Accuracy:±10mm
  • Communicate Protocol:WiFi
  • Avoidance :2D LiDAR 360° protection
  • Pallet/Cargo Detection:Multiple types
  • Automatic Stack:Multiple types
Type Electric Froklift Trucks Reach Trucks Pallet Stackers Counterbalance Trucks
Brand Noveltek Linde Noveltek Linde MIMA Sumitomo Noveltek Linde Noveltek
Loading(kg) 1500~2000 1400 1000~2000 1200 2500 1500 2000~3000 2000 1500~2500 800~1500
Max Lifting Height(mm) 2500 2924 2500 2924 4500 5000 122 125 3000 2500

Autonomous Mobile Robot

There are different kinds of types for our robots with 2D SLAM navigation which are suitable for multiple applications in both warehouse and factory.

  • Loading:100-1000kg (customized)
  • Navigation Ways:2D SLAM
  • Positioning Precision:±10mm (no more second times position)
  • Avoidance :Intelligence avoidance
  • Communicate Protocol:WiFi
  • Multiple Types:conveyor, jack-up, lifting form, etc.

Vehicle Management and Control System

Vehicle Management and Control System(VMS+VCS)

VMS&VCS system include vehicle management、mission planning、mission assignment、map management etc.

  • Map Management
  • Mission Assignment
  • Mission Planning
  • Mission Simulation
  • Vehicle Dispatch
  • Storage Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Route Plannig
  • Vehicles Information
Vehicle Management and Control System

AI Recognition Technology

AI Recognition Technology

The AMR can recognize multiple pallets and goods, moreover, it can stack automatically without the traditional rack/shelves.

Multiple Pallets

Iron cage

Steel Cage

AI Recognition Technology
AI Recognition Technology

Intelligence Navigation System

Intelligence Navigation System

INS use sensor to scan its surroundings and establish map.AMR will locate and navigate by the map which will be led to the right position automatically. The processes of navigation have intelligence avoidance to build up human and Robot cooperation model in the same space and place.

  • 3D SLAM Positioning Precision ±10mm
  • 2D SLAM Positioning Precision ±10mm
Intelligence Navigation System
Intelligence Navigation System

Safety Protection System

Safety Protection System

We have 360° protection with the help of 3D &2D LiDAR, which can detect the surroundings up to 100 m. When someone/obstacle detected, the AMR will slow down within the slow zone and stop immediately when reach the minimum safety range. It will also report& send alert to the vehicle control system(VCS).



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