AMR Navigation

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)


3D SLAM without any extra constructions
Multiple sensors for 360°safety guarantee
Interface for ERP/WMS/MES integration


High precision as always walking through corridor
Indoor/outdoor applicable
Fit in irregular road

AI pallet detection:

Automatically locate and retrieve pallets, eg. pallets stacked up or slightly out-of-line
Shape recognition on the targets


On-site supporting team
Flexible customization with professional RD resource

As industrial vehicles often operate in environments without GPS signals, conventional guided vehicles usually require additional installation of magnetic strips, reflectors, or QR Codes in order to achieve precise positioning and this makes field deployment more complicated. CIRC’s 3D LiDAR SLAM navigation solution features the latest 3D LiDAR technologies available in the sector to achieve full range scanning without being susceptible to potential interference from ambient lighting, making it applicable in both indoor and outdoor environments to overcome the pain points for field deployment by achieving synchronized positioning and 3D mapping without modification of the environment. Coupled with CIRC’s exclusive sensing algorithm and data feed from IMU, the solution has effectively resolved the issue of distancing error from an extended period of travel with an unprecedented precision of ±1cm margin of error. The solution makes it possible to achieve precise positioning of the vehicle even when it travels through long corridors or uneven terrains.

In addition, the unique AI pallet detection feature can automatically locate and efficiently retrieve the targeted goods through optimal routes like a professional forklift operator thanks to its 3D depth-sensing camera to capture pallet characteristics for shape recognition and spatial coordinates to achieve the automatic adjustment of fork depth. Coupled with its fleet management system, operators will be able to monitor the relevant status of the forklift (i.e. battery and maintenance) through the central console or APP and assign tasks and deploy vehicles to facilitate multi-vehicle operation and export the customizable data to any smart logistic system (i.e. ERP/WMS/MES) to achieve the desired performance of smart factories.

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