Designed for industrial applications, CIRC drone solutions are able to securely and autonomously capture and process images and data and are suitable for a range of applications including, among others: security, inspection, surveying and mapping, disaster prevention and management, delivery and traffic management.

Intelligent Surveillance

CIRC intelligent security drone solutions can provide autonomous scheduled patrols along pre-defined routes, for example perimeters, looking for unauthorised human or vehicular activity in restricted zones or fast response point and click missions to provide an enhanced surveillance perspective. This capability can be used to enhance or replace traditional ground-based cameras and foot patrols whilst lower operational costs.
The solution is also particularly effective for monitoring remote or dangeroussites, from example industrial sites, enclosures, dams, bridges, power plants, factories, traffic systems, or public facilities.

Smart Inspection

CIRC inspection drone systems utilise edge AI, neural networks and deep learning to analyse the collected sensor data during scheduled autonomous routine patrols or fast response click-and-go missions. Anomalies are detected immediately and notifications routed to the control centre for analysis by engineer personnel.

Mapping and modelling

CIRC mapping and modelling drone systems utilise RTK to enhance GPS positioning to centimetre level accuracy. Mission visual and 3D data is seamlessly transferred to the CIRC cloud based system for live or offline analysis – perfect for monitoring, mapping, construction and Building information modelling (BIM) applications.

Disaster Management

Autonomous scheduled patrols of areas of concern can be automatically compared with previous missions to highlight changes and alert control centre personnel. Fast response point and click mission can be used to investigate and capture images and data from incidents or areas of concern.

Delivery and Logistic

From life saving medical supplies to home retail deliveries, the CIRC drone delivery system provides an ample payload, long flight distances, ultra reliable redundant systems, precision landing technology and a total flight and fleet management system.

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